Furstenfeldbruck (FUR)

Furstenfeldbruck (FUR) magnetic observatory details
Station (ID) FUR
Location Fuerstenfeldbruck
Country Germany
Co-latitude 41.83°
Longitude 11.28°
Elevation 572 meters
Orientation XYZF
  • Absolutes:
  • DI-fluxgate on Zeiss 020B and Zeiss 020A for D and I
  • additional vector-PPM EDA 105, coil based, for H, Z and F
  • Variations::
  • 3-comp. fluxgate FGE (DMI) plus GEM GSM90
  • backup system pulsations: 3-comp. fluxgate MAGSON plus GEM GSM90
GIN Edi (Edinburgh)
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Stuart Gilder contact information
Name Stuart Gilder
Professor of Geophysics
Ludwig-Maximilians Universität (LMU)
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Theresienstrasse 41
80333 Munich
Telephone +49 89 2180-4239
Facsimile +49 89 2180-4205
E-mail gilder@geophysik.uni-muenchen.de

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