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Hermanus 2017
Title Author
IMO report Hermanus 2017 (PDF) S. Flower
INTERMAGNET Meeting Minutes Hermanus 2017 (PDF) A. Lewis
INTERMAGNET Geomagnetic Activity Map (PDF) D. Boteler
INTERMAGNET Web Service (PDF) S. Flower
Radiation Belt Modeling: Ground-based Contributions (PDF) R. Friedel
Present and future threats to global geomagnetic observation network & how we face them (PDF) H. Toh
The Swarm Delta NanoMagSat Project, Latest News (PDF) G. Hulot
Introduction to WMO/OSCAR (PDF) L. Trichtchenko
Dinant 2016
Title Author
IMO report Dinant 2016 (PDF) J. Rasson
A Metadata System for Geomagnetism (PPTX) S. Flower, J. Matzka
MQTT (PDF) S. Bracke
Geomag Algorithms and EDGE CWB (PDF) J. Fee
Niemegk 2015
Title Author
IMO report Niemegk 2015 (PDF) J. Rasson
Hyderabad 2014
Title Author
IMO report Hyderabad 2014 (PDF) J. Rasson