The INTERMAGNET Vision and Mission

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The INTERMAGNET vision is of

A global, real-time, permanent geomagnetic observatory network, which is recognized as a key Earth observation system and which provides data that serves scientific research into the Earth, from its deep interior to space, and supports operational services benefiting society.

The INTERMAGNET mission is to

Establish and maintain an organization with a worldwide membership drawn from institutes operating geomagnetic observatories that is dedicated to building a network of geomagnetic observatories supplying consistent data, with the geographical coverage, quality, and timeliness of delivery required to meet the evolving needs of research and applied science.

The INTERMAGNET strategy is to

  • Set mandatory standards for measurement, data processing, formats and transmission for network membership, and to support geomagnetic observatory operators in achieving these standards by providing technical assistance
  • Provide advice on the establishment of new observatories, to help to co-ordinate initiatives taken by member institutes and so to optimize the scientific value of the global network
  • Support data services, as a member of the World Data System, by maintaining an infrastructure for geomagnetic observatory data collection and dissemination
  • Communicate with data users to promote use of INTERMAGNET data and to understand their requirements, feeding this information into the definitions of operating standards
  • Work closely with the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy and other organizations concerned with magnetic observatory operations
  • Maintain a dialog with technology providers to take advantage of new developments in instrumentation and data acquisition and to advise them of user demands for data to inform their system developments