Principles, Conditions, and Policies

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INTERMAGNET is operated according to principles and conditions which are accepted as necessary and desirable for maintaining a service of rapid magnetic observatory data exchanges for the international scientific community and for commercial users.

  1. INTERMAGNET is a non-exclusive program of worldwide data exchange between magnetic observatories.
  2. An INTERMAGNET aim is the establishment and maintenance of observatories in remote areas where local support is lacking.
  3. INTERMAGNET encourages the establishment and maintenance of digital observatories in developing countries, with the involvement and enhancement of local science and technology.
  4. Each participating country/institution is expected to bear the costs of its participation in INTERMAGNET.
  5. Data will be transmitted from observatories or operating institutes to regional geomagnetic information nodes (GINs) by satellites, computer networks or by other near real-time means, using standard INTERMAGNET formats.
  6. Regional geomagnetic information nodes will exchange data and data products globally as rapidly as appropriate, and will maintain data files for all contributing observatories for a period commensurate with the immediate usefulness of the product.
  7. The collected geomagnetic data will be made available in a timely fashion to participating observatories on media and in formats approved by the INTERMAGNET Executive Council.
  8. The collected data will be made available to the scientific community on media and in formats approved by the INTERMAGNET Executive Council. The data are supplied on the condition that they are not used for commercial gain (media, transcription and other costs may be charged to the user).
  9. The INTERMAGNET Executive Council recognizes the value to commerce of geomagnetic data and derived products which are available in near real time, and accepts the right of participating institutions to recover costs for services and to levy charges where possible and as necessary. Participating institutions will undertake to safeguard the interests of fellow participants, concerning the commercial usage of their data.
  10. Each INTERMAGNET GIN will provide annually to each participating institution or observatory a statement of data received by the GIN and of its data supplied by the GIN to users.
  11. Participating institutes will cooperate to facilitate the production of globally representative data products, such as the official IAGA indices.