Data Checking

Data Quality Checking

Annual definitive data from all INTERMAGNET magnetic observatories (IMOs) are carefully prepared and checked for quality and compliance in a three stage process before they are accepted and published:

This multi-stage checking procedure does mean there are delays in publishing definitive data sets, but it ensures definitive data are of the highest possible quality. Data with a lower level of quality checking are available in a faster time-frame. Some IMOs provide “reported” quality data in near-real time, all IMOs provide “reported” data within three days and many IMOs supply “adjusted” and “quasi-definitive” data. All these data are available from the INTERMAGNET website and ftp site.

Data Checking Task Team

The detailed work of definitive data review and checking is done by a group of expert volunteers, each responsible for a group of IMOs. The review process includes reviewing the quality of data and baseline adoptions and checking file formats and metadata for compliance with INTERMAGNET standards.

IMO personel, the Data Checking Task Team members and their institutes all benefit through the communications and learning fostered by the checking process. Data users can be confident definitive data from INTERMAGNET magnetic observatories are of high quality.

Data Checking Task Team Officers Institute
Achim Morschhauser GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
Anca Isac Surlari Observatory, Romania
Andrew Lewis Geoscience Australia
Benoit Heumez Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France
Claudia Rossavik U.S. Geological Survey
David Calp Natural Resources Canada
Emmanuel Nahayo SANSA Space Science, South Africa
Hiroaki Toh Kyoto University, Japan
Igor Mandic University of Zagreb, Croatia
Jan Reda Institute of Geophysics, Polish Ac. of Science
Kusumita Arora National Geophysical Research Institute, India
Margaret Pueringer U.S. Geological Survey
Matthew Gard Geoscience Australia
Orsi Baillie British Geological Survey
Seiki Asari Japan Meteorological Agency
Tero Raita Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, Finland

The list of IMOs and responsible Data Checking Task Team members can change from year to year. Current information is provided to IMOs annually in a call-for-data

INTERMAGNET gratefully acknowledges the work done by the members of the Data Checking Task Team and their institutes.