Organizational Structure

Executive Council

The Executive Council establishes policy for INTERMAGNET, deals with questions of international participation and data exchange and communicates with national agencies and international scientific and funding agencies. It is assisted and advised by the Operations Committee.

Operations Committee

The Operations Committee advises the Executive Council on the technical issues that arise within INTERMAGNET. This includes matters relating to instrumentation, data processing and communications. The Committee is also responsible for establishing and maintaining standards and formats for the global exchange of data under the INTERMAGNET programme, for designing and publishing the INTERMAGNET Technical Manual and producing the annual CD-ROM/DVD.

Operations Committee Structure

Name Definitive Data WWW, GINS, and Data Format IMO Applications Technical Manual Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
Achim Morschhauser Member (S) Member (P)     Member (S)
Andrew Lewis Member (S)   Deputy Chair (P) Member (P)  
Benoit Heumez Deputy Chair (P)   Member (S)    
Benoit St-Louis     Member (P) Chair (P) Member (S)
Charles Blais Member (P) Chair (P)      
Chris Turbitt     Chair (P) Deputy Chair (P) Member (S)
Jan Reda Chair (P) Member (P)      
Jurgen Matzka     Member (P) Member (P) Member (S)
Roman Leonhardt Member (P) Member (P)      
Shun Imajo Member (S) Member (P)      
Simon Flower Member (P) Member (P)      
Stephan Bracke   Member (P)   Member (S)  
Tero Raita Member (P)   Member (S)    
Virginie Maury Member (P) Member (P) Member (S)    
No. of members 10 8 7 5 4