Title Author
WDC INTERMAGNET Biennial Report 2015 S. Flower
INTERMAGNET: Worldwide Near Real-Time Geomagnetic Observatory Data (PDF) D. Kerridge
Magnetic monitoring of Earth and space (PDF) J. Love
INTERMAGNET Observatory Participation Policy (PDF) C. Turbitt, J. Love, A. Chulliat, D. Boteler
An International Network of Magnetic Observatories (PDF) J. Love, A. Chulliat
Modernizing a global magnetic partnership, Eos 102 A.W.P. Thomson, S.M. Flower

Technical Reference Manual

Title Author
Technical Reference Manual V-5.0.0 (PDF) B. St-Louis

Technical Notes

Title Author
Testing the timing accuracy of 1s INTERMAGNET variometer (PDF) J. Rasson
INTERMAGNET Definitive One-second Data Standard (PDF) C. Turbitt
INTERMAGNET CDF data format - ImagCDF (PDF) S. Flower
INTERMAGNET Web Data Delivery (PDF) S. Flower