Data Download and Plots

INTERMAGNET Data Portal Moving

The host for the INTERMAGNET data portal is moving from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to the British Geological Survey (BGS). A number of services provided by NRCan, including web site download and ftp access to INTERMAGNET provisional and real-time data, will terminate on May 1st 2023. Replacement services are available at BGS. The service at BGS includes all INTERMAGNET data currently available from NRCan - the data has been copied between the two GINs.

The way you access data via the new services at BGS differs from how you have accessed data in the past using the services provided by NRCan. We encourage you to try the new services available at BGS before the services at NRCan close down. The following facilities are available:

We encourage you to use the web services in preference to the ftp service. It will become increasingly difficult to access ftp servers in the future – support for ftp in web browsers has already been largely withdrawn. INTERMAGNET is likely to withdraw the ftp service in the future.